Gear used in this article:

Axe-Fx II (Original, Mark II, XL, XL+)

MFC-101 (Original, Mark II, Mark III)

Mission Engineering SP-1 & EP-1 Expression Pedal

As we all know, using the Fractal Audio Axe-FX II with the MFC-101 is such a great combination and allows us to switch among a ton of effects and presets. But as I showed in my previous post, expression pedals can help us even more by controlling a real-time parameter, such as volume, wah or even delay mix.

But Mission Engineering has taken it a step further with their SP-1 Expression Pedal. Not only does this pedal work like a normal expression pedal, but it has a switch at the toe-down side of the pedal, like you would normally find on an analog wah pedal. This switch has its own output jack, which you can assign to any controllable parameter in the Axe-FX!

A normal use of this pedal might be to mimic the way an analog wah pedal works: when the switch is bypassed, the expression pedal doesn’t do anything. But when the switch is engaged, the expression pedal controls the sweep and tone of the wah.

But that’s just the beginning! You can also make the SP-1 function as a Volume/Wah pedal: when the switch is bypassed, the expression pedal is a Volume Pedal. But when the switch is engaged, the pedal turns into a Wah pedal. Bypass again and you’re back to controlling your volume.

You can also assign the expression pedal to control something all the time, like volume, but make the switch engage a volume boost, or a drive pedal, or anything really!

In the video above, I show all 3 of these scenarios and how to set the SP-1 up for each. I also show their EP-1 pedal with the Spring option. I use this for my wah pedal using auto-engage on the Axe-FX.

The video is long, but I wanted to detail each part of the process. Have fun and order some Mission pedals!