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Firmware 3.08 Released – MFC-101

Fixed Looper Control Mode bug

How to Update Firmware on the MFC-101

In this video I show how to update the firmware on an MFC-101. I currently don't own an MFC-101, so I used older footage and added some new information. You may see some old information, such as the lack of FASlink mode or showing an update to FW2.15 when the current...

Firmware 3.07 Released – MFC-101

Added support for Axe-Fx XL+ (now also the default option for “AXE FX MODE”) Added support for new Rotary 1 XY and Rotary 1 XY Axe-Fx IA Switch functions. IMPORTANT: You will need to re-do Axe-Fx II IA switch assignments after this update. Please note your current...

What is “Scene Mode” on the MFC-101? How do I turn on “Scene Mode”?

There is no Scene Mode on the MFC-101. There is also no Scene Mode on the Axe-Fx II. Scenes are always "on" or "active" with the Axe-Fx II, so there is no mode to enable or turn on. Every Preset of the Axe-Fx II loads Scene 1 by default. If you never use Scenes 2-8,...

What is the difference between the MFC-101 Mark I, Mark II and Mark III?

The MFC-101 is Fractal Audio System's MIDI Foot Controller intended for use with the Axe-Fx line of products. Summary of Differences Mark I: Original Version Mark II: Changed ethernet jack to etherCON jack Mark III: Upgrade to Silent Solid State switches, FASLINK jack...
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