Always do a full backup with Fractal-Bot before loading any new firmware so you can restore later. Click here for a video showing how to backup.

Firmware 1.04 for the FM3 has been released. This is a recommended update for all FM3 users. Click here to visit the forum download link.

Be sure to also update FM3-Edit:

New Factory Presets are available as well with adjustments for better CPU handling. If you don’t use Factory Presets at all, this isn’t a requirement, but a good idea to install the latest just in case. WARNING – Loading new presets will overwrite existing presets in the slots you choose:

1.04 is a major update to the FM3 system for a few reasons. The FM3 in general is designed to include the same feature-set as the Axe-Fx III as much as possible. When the FM3 was first publicly released, the Axe-Fx III had just received some major updates to various Blocks, and the FM3 did not include those changes as the priority was a stable launch. No doubt it sounded great and was feature-rich already. The Developers mentioned at the time that work would be done to get those updates into the FM3. This firmware includes updates to many blocks so they are as similar to the Axe-Fx III as possible.

As work was done to include those updates, CPU usage increased a bit. Thus, work was done to reduce CPU usage in general and within several blocks, especially Reverb, which now includes an “Economy” Quality mode. Several Public Betas were released along the way to hone in on creating a stable release.

You may be aware of recent Pitch Block improvements in the Axe-Fx III in Firmware 12.08. Because those improvements were developed at the same time 1.04 was being created, they are not present in Firmware 1.04 and will be added in a later firmware.

Along with several other general fixes and improvements, 1.04 is a major improvement to the FM3 system as a whole, and gives many features to Blocks and other areas including FM3-Edit stability.

Be sure to update Firmware and FM3-Edit, and make sure to run “Settings > Refresh after new FW” in FM3-Edit if it doesn’t do it automatically when updating. (You would see it happen when you open the new FM3-Edit for the first time. See a video here explaining this:

You do not need to do anything to your current presets after updating – no “amp block resetting” or anything like that. Just backup – always backup first! – install, and enjoy!

Click here for the complete list of Release Notes for the FM3.

1.04 Release Notes:

  • CPU Performance improvements across all presets.​​
  • Added new amp types: Matchbox D-30 EF86, FAS Express, Triple Crest 2, Triple Crest 3, PVH 6160+ Crunch Bright, PVH 6160+ Clean Bright.​​
  • Block Updates (Find details in the Fractal Audio Systems Block Guide):​
    • Gate: Improved Downward Expander
    • Tremolo: Added Optical type
    • PEQ: Added Slope controls
    • Plex Delay: Added Stack/Hold
    • Reverb: Added Dispersion.​​
  • Improved power tube modeling yields smoother overdrive especially for semi-clean and edge-of-distortion tones.​​
  • Improved FM3-Edit preset switching time when certain blocks are present.​​
  • Improved USB audio performance and stability, reduced recording latency.​​
  • Clarified polarity options under I/O: Pedal: Switch Settings.​​
  • Improved how the position of pedals is detected after startup.​​
  • Fixed “banner messages” on the Tools page of the layout menu.​​
  • Parameter values now update when changed via a modifier.​​
  • FM3-Edit now honors the global setting for “Default Scene”.​​
  • Fixed “Astable” LFO type.​​
  • Fixed audio drop in Shred Distortion type.​​
  • Fixed MIDI clock sync issues.​​
  • Scratchpads now properly initialize on boot.​​
  • Added “OUTPUT 2” as an option for “USB 3,4 Record Source”.​​
  • LEDs and Display will no longer flicker when FM3 is powered off with USB connected.​​
  • Fixed Copy/Paste Block and Channel errors for the Amp and Delay blocks.​​
  • Added ECONOMY mode to the Reverb (from Axe-Fx III v12.08). Pre-existing presets will default to this new setting, which produces excellent results at considerably reduced CPU.​​
  • FC: LED rings for Looper functions will now be OFF if the Looper is not in the preset.​​
  • FC: “LOOPER BLOCK NOT FOUND IN THIS PRESET” message now shown when appropriate.​​
  • FC: The “Advanced” switch page is no longer blank after the FC banner has been displayed.​​
  • FC: The Tuner now exits in all cases after using “Reveal Hold”.​​
  • FC: Loading Factory Default Layouts now correctly initializes Layout Link Views.​​
  • FC: Fixed stand in switches sometimes not responding to the first press.​​
  • FC: Fixed the Tuner display when activated from an FM3 footswitch.​​
  • FC: Stand in switches now honor the Hold Function Mode “SWITCH UP” setting.​