Always do a full backup with Fractal-Bot before loading any new firmware so you can restore later

Firmware 1.02 for the FM3 has been released. Click here to visit the forum download link. Below are the release notes with some explanations added.

1.02 contains some bug fixes as well as improvements and added features. When the FM3 launched, it did not include some of the latest updates from the Axe-Fx III like the updated Phaser and Flanger blocks. 1.02 includes those improvements and more. The developers have estimated that the FM3 should contain all of the Amp types/models by version 1.03. The goal is to have the Axe-Fx III and the FM3 be as similar as possible, while considering the CPU differences.

Be sure to update FM3-Edit as well. Opening the program should prompt you to update, but you can also directly download it from the FM3 Support page:

Click here for the complete list of Release Notes for the FM3.

1.02 Release Notes:

  • Added support for FM3-Edit Scene Manager.

Edit’s Scene manager was first seen in Axe-Edit III. This feature allows us to see all 8 Scenes at the same time, and edit the Channel and Engage/Bypass state of up to 4 blocks at the same time. You can also change Scenes by clicking the Number to the left, and rename Scenes by double-clicking on the Scene name.

Before this, to adjust a block for all 8 Scenes, we’d have to click the block to open its Edit View, then change to Scenes one by one while adjusting the block’s Channel and Engage/Bypass state. Now we can quickly adjust those options for all 8 Scenes.

The new Scene Manager in FM3-Edit 1.01.00

You can change what Blocks are adjusted by clicking the Block name and changing it. This list will only show the Blocks currently in the Preset.

Clicking the Block name here will let you choose different blocks to adjust

You can also enable the Tracking feature so the first column automatically changes to the Block you click in the Layout above. Click the small “Target” icon to enable Tracking, then click any block in the Layout. Click it again to turn off Tracking.

Click this “target” icon to turn on Tracking to automatically change the first column to the block you click in the Layout

Here I’ve clicked the Wah block above and the first column changed to it. Note that the “target” icon is Yellow when Tracking is enabled.

The arrow to the right of each Block name shows several options to quickly set all Scenes to certain Bypass or Channel settings, including a popular “ABCD” order, as many like to have Scenes 1-4 correspond to Channels A-D respectively.

Quick Options are available with the arrow to the right of the Block name

Remember this is just an additional option and not a requirement to use. If the previous methods worked well for you, don’t feel forced to use Scene Manager if it doesn’t make sense to do so. However, for quickly seeing the state of some blocks at the same time, it’s a great feature.

  • Fix interaction of Global Scales with the FM3-Edit.

  • USB “DI” recording levels corrected.

Some users felt the DI or Dry signal from the USB connection was too low. This has been corrected for a more optimal signal when recording the Dry for reamping or any other use.

  • Looper “Undo” now works as it does on the Axe-Fx III.

Previously, the Undo function of the Looper block would not “Redo” on a second press and at times wouldn’t Undo the overdub at all. This has been fixed and the FM3 Looper works just like the Axe-Fx III Looper now.

  • Preset storing is now faster.

  • Knob D on the HOME screen now changes the “FC View” within the current layout of the FM3.

With the addition of Views to the FC functions, just like Layouts could be changed by turning the E knob, Views can be changed by turning the D knob.

Views can be changed by spinning Knob D

Though we can of course assign changing Views to a footswitch, remember that we could just bend down and spin the knob to change Views if it’s not done that often during a performance. This would be the same as changing Delay Time on an analog stompbox between each song or even during a song. This could save footswitch real estate if the situation is right.

  • FC: When Tuner is assigned as a hold function, you can now exit the Tuner with a single tap.

A popular footswitch setup is Tap Tempo on a switch’s Tap function and Tuner on the same switch’s Hold function. Before this update, to exit the Tuner, we had to Hold the switch again, which may seem counterintuitive. Now we can simply tap the same switch again to exit the tuner, rather than have to hold it. This should work the same for on-board switches as well as connected FC switches and also Stand-In switches. Note that the Tap function of that switch will not fire – the tap will only Exit the Tuner while Tuner is active.

  • The following blocks have been updated with changes from their counterparts on the Axe-Fx-III:
    Chorus, Compressor, Drive, Enhancer, Filter, Flanger, Formant, Gate, Graphic EQ, Input, Send, Return, Looper, Megatap, Phaser. The features and CPU usage of these blocks may have changed, and any presets that contain them should be checked.

As mentioned in my summary above, the FM3 launched without the latest Axe-Fx III features/updates at that time. The goal is to make the FM3 as similar to the Axe-Fx III as possible, while considering the CPU differences.

Phaser and Flanger blocks will have the most change, as those blocks were completely overhauled in Firmware 12.00 for the Axe-Fx III on January 27, 2020. PDFs detailing the changes were included in the Axe-Fx III firmware downloads, but were not included in the FM3 download at this time. We are working on direct links to these documents and will update when able.

The other blocks listed in this release note have also been updated to match the Axe-Fx III, but the changes should not be as major as Phaser and Flanger.

Definitely audition your presets before any performances to make sure all blocks are performing the way you expect.

  • Output2 Global EQ feature added to SETUP: Global Settings.

Before this release, only Output 1 had a Global Graphic EQ. On all previous products, both Outputs had this EQ which can help you quickly adjust to the room or situation without having to adjust every Preset. Now Output 2 also has the Global Graphic EQ.

Find it on the Top Panel by pressing Home, tap Knob E for Setup, Nav to Global Settings, tap Enter, then Page Right or Left to Out 1 EQ or Out 2 EQ as needed. Nav and use the Value wheel to adjust the various bands of EQ as needed. These affect the signal in real-time and there is no need to save. You can quickly reset all bands or one at a time by tapping the B knob or D knob as labeled. When you are done, just tap Home or Exit to step back through the Setup menu.

Out 2 Global Graphic EQ is now available

  • When using the “Output 2 Copy” feature (in SETUP: I/O) the options “INPUT 1” and “OUTPUT 1” now produce increased level at Out 2 to better match the level at Out 1 without.

Output 2 was designed for Unity Gain applications like the 4 Cable Method (4CM) or as an Effects Loop for external pedals. However, when using the Output 2 Copy feature, some users felt the signal output was too low, especially compared to Out 1 which was designed to be much louder. This update increases the level from Out 2 when “Copy” is used.

  • FC: Stand-in switches now help prevent false triggering if no switch is plugged in.

Previously, if you had external switches setup as Stand-In switches, but didn’t have the switches physically plugged in, it was possible for the FM3 to falsely trigger those functions. This has been fixed and you should be able to keep your external switches unplugged, yet still setup for Stand-In switches.

  • FC: Display now shows looper “Record 2nd Press” function (OVERDUB, PLAY, or STOP).

  • FC: Tap tempo now works across all Views.

Previously, the Tap Tempo function only worked on View 1 of any Layout by mistake. Tap Tempo now works on any View in any Layout.

  • FC: “View” functions are now available when creating per-preset switches.
  • FC: Tap tempo now works when using a stand-in switch.
  • FC: “View Inc” and “View Dec” mini-LCD now works when when “Destination #” is selected.
  • FC: The MLM and certain View functions now work as intended on a connected FC-6.
  • FC: The main LCD will now display the correct first preset in the bank if the Global Setting for “Display Offset” is set to ‘1.’