Firmware 1.xx

Firmware 1.xx
June 5, 2020

  • CPU Performance improvements across all presets.​​
  • Added new amp types: Matchbox D-30 EF86, FAS Express, Triple Crest 2, Triple Crest 3, PVH 6160+ Crunch Bright, PVH 6160+ Clean Bright.​​
  • Block Updates (Find details in the Fractal Audio Systems Block Guide):​
    • Gate: Improved Downward Expander
    • Tremolo: Added Optical type
    • PEQ: Added Slope controls
    • Plex Delay: Added Stack/Hold
    • Reverb: Added Dispersion.​​
  • Improved power tube modeling yields smoother overdrive especially for semi-clean and edge-of-distortion tones.​​
  • Improved FM3-Edit preset switching time when certain blocks are present.​​
  • Improved USB audio performance and stability, reduced recording latency.​​
  • Clarified polarity options under I/O: Pedal: Switch Settings.​​
  • Improved how the position of pedals is detected after startup.​​
  • Fixed “banner messages” on the Tools page of the layout menu.​​
  • Parameter values now update when changed via a modifier.​​
  • FM3-Edit now honors the global setting for “Default Scene”.​​
  • Fixed “Astable” LFO type.​​
  • Fixed audio drop in Shred Distortion type.​​
  • Fixed MIDI clock sync issues.​​
  • Scratchpads now properly initialize on boot.​​
  • Added “OUTPUT 2” as an option for “USB 3,4 Record Source”.​​
  • LEDs and Display will no longer flicker when FM3 is powered off with USB connected.​​
  • Fixed Copy/Paste Block and Channel errors for the Amp and Delay blocks.​​
  • Added ECONOMY mode to the Reverb (from Axe-Fx III v12.08). Pre-existing presets will default to this new setting, which produces excellent results at considerably reduced CPU.​​
  • FC: LED rings for Looper functions will now be OFF if the Looper is not in the preset.​​
  • FC: “LOOPER BLOCK NOT FOUND IN THIS PRESET” message now shown when appropriate.​​
  • FC: The “Advanced” switch page is no longer blank after the FC banner has been displayed.​​
  • FC: The Tuner now exits in all cases after using “Reveal Hold”.​​
  • FC: Loading Factory Default Layouts now correctly initializes Layout Link Views.​​
  • FC: Fixed stand in switches sometimes not responding to the first press.​​
  • FC: Fixed the Tuner display when activated from an FM3 footswitch.​​
  • FC: Stand in switches now honor the Hold Function Mode “SWITCH UP” setting.​

April 7, 2020

  • Fixed an issue that was causing instability in some cases.

March 31, 2020

  • Added support for FM3-Edit Scene Manager.
  • Fix interaction of Global Scales with the FM3-Edit.
  • USB “DI” recording levels corrected.
  • Looper “Undo” now works as it does on the Axe-Fx III.
  • Preset storing is now faster.
  • Knob D on the HOME screen now changes the “FC View” within the current layout of the FM3.
  • When Tuner is assigned as a hold function, you can now exit the Tuner with a single tap.
  • The following blocks have been updated with changes from their counterparts on the Axe-Fx-III:
    Chorus, Compressor, Drive, Enhancer, Filter, Flanger, Formant, Gate, Graphic EQ, Input, Send, Return, Looper, Megatap, Phaser. The features and CPU usage of these blocks may have changed, and any presets that contain them should be checked.
  • Output2 Global EQ feature added to SETUP: Global Settings.
  • When using the “Output 2 Copy” feature (in SETUP: I/O) the options “INPUT 1” and “OUTPUT 1” now produce increased level at Out 2 to better match the level at Out 1 without.
  • FC: Stand-in switches now help prevent false triggering if no switch is plugged in.
  • FC: Display now shows looper “Record 2nd Press” function (OVERDUB, PLAY, or STOP).
  • FC: Tap tempo now works across all Views.
  • FC: “View” functions are now available when creating per-preset switches.
  • FC: Tap tempo now works when using a stand-in switch.
  • FC: “View Inc” and “View Dec” mini-LCD now works when when “Destination #” is selected.
  • FC: The MLM and certain View functions now work as intended on a connected FC-6.
  • FC: The main LCD will now display the correct first preset in the bank if the Global Setting for “Display Offset” is set to ‘1.’

February 13, 2020

  • Small changes to some amp types.

February 11, 2020

  • This is the first public release. See the FM3 Owner’s Manual for details.