Always do a full backup with Fractal-Bot before loading any new firmware so you can restore later

Firmware 12.07 for the Axe-Fx III has been released. Click here to visit the forum download link. Below are the release notes.

12.07 contains an updated Compressor block that makes the Tube and Analog types feel even more analog, along with improvements to other components. The Multiband Compressor also benefits from these changes. Some of this also affects the Downward Expander in the Gate block.

Click here for the complete list of Release Notes for the Axe-Fx III.

12.07 Release Notes:

  • Improved Compressor block. The RMS detector type has been improved resulting in smoother decay. The Auto Attack/Release algorithm has been improved resulting in less “chatter” when using low attack and/or release times. The Tube Compressor and Analog Compressor types now support RMS+Peak detector mode. A new knee shape algorithm in the Studio Compressor has been implemented resulting in a more musical tangential response like that of classic analog compressors.
  • Improved Downward Expander in Gate block. The RMS detector type has been improved resulting in smoother decay. Added Detector Type parameter which allows selecting between RMS (default) and Peak types.
  • Improved Multiband Compressor based on improvements to Compressor block. Added Auto Attack/Release mode.
  • Improved Astable LFO type so that adjustments to Beta, which can occur when changing channels, do not cause “baseline wander”.
  • FC: When navigating the editor or front panel, certain screens will no longer reset the value used by external modifiers for FC Pedals.