UPDATE 1-24-15:
Cliff just posted a sound clip comparing their real 50w Plexi amp with the Axe-Fx using the G3 Modeling Technology model of that amp.  The order isn’t known. What do you think?

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 2.20.43 PM

Here’s a few more updates on the thread, more info from Cliff:

The first one is the model. The second is a 1972 50W Plexi. It may need some new caps though, the low end is a bit thin on it. The supply caps have been replaced but I’m wondering about some of the interstage caps. I don’t know what the aging characteristics of those caps are.

The point wasn’t to show the frequency response accuracy, that’s trivial (you can Tone Match if you want it exact) and no two amps are exactly the same due to component tolerances. The point was to show the breakup characteristics. Listen to how the notes go “crunch, brrrrrrrr” instead of “crunch, fizzzzzzz”. I’ve spent months researching and perfecting note decay. FWIW, you can NOT replicate that note decay using the common waveshaper techniques in the literature. It requires a very different type of clipping technology.

And in reference to “crunch” vs “fizz” styles of distortion/clipping:

It’s adjustable anyways. You can set the clipping to be harder or softer as you desire. I believe I had it set to “medium” but you can set if much softer if you desire. It depends on the tubes. EL34s are softer than, say, 6L6s but it depends on the brand as well. Each model defaults to a hardness based on the power tubes used.

Personally I prefer a harder distortion since it gives low notes a more “piano-like” quality.

Not sure exactly how it’s adjustable, via previous controls or new parameters, but that’s really exciting.  This topic definitely has had a ton of action over the past few days, and many are excited for the next step in Axe-Fx modeling.

Cliff, creator of the Axe-Fx, just posted some new information regarding the G3 Modeling Technology he referred to earlier.

Wow, lots of speculation. This is the state of things so far:

G3 is all-new amp modeling. There are no other changes to the firmware so the effects, routing, etc. stay the same. But the amp modeling is a complete “reboot” based on this analysis thingy I wrote that learns an amp and extracts the pertinent data.

At this point I have only ported several dozen models to G3. It’s a LOT of work because it involves opening each amp and doing all the measurements and then doing the analysis matches, etc. It will be several more weeks to port the remaining models.

Does it sound drastically different? No, but it does sound better. Some amps are noticeably better especially the Plexis, Rectos, 5150s and the Trainwreck. The Rectos are very good now. They’re smooth yet aggressive at the same time if that makes any sense.

Many parameters have been removed as they are not compatible. Among them: PA Lowcut, PA Hicut, Character Type, Character Freq, Character Amt, Character Q, Voicing, et. al. The modeling doesn’t need them.

So stop banging on your F5 key and get back to talking about deflated footballs.

So yes, please stop banging your F5 and ⌘-R keys and go back to enjoying the AMAZING 17.04 that we already have 🙂 I’m sure “several more weeks” was just an estimation and could (probably will) take longer. Remember: A new firmware update does not make previous firmware suddenly bad 😉

Thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/95341-g3-modeling-thread-3.html

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