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Firmware 6.01 for the Axe-Fx II has been released. Below are the release notes.

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6.01 Release Notes:
NOTE: As a result of amp matching tests, the Transformer Match internal values have been reduced. This may be detectable as a slightly more open and less compressed tone. If you desire the slightly more compressed sound of Version 6.00, this can be obtained by increasing the Transformer Match to a value of 1.1.

  • Added 5153 Green, Blue and Red models based on EVH 5150 III.
  • Added filter on reference input of Tone Match block so as to minimize high- frequency errors during matching.
  • Changed Grid Modeling switch in amp block so that Off turns off ALL grid modeling including preamp tubes.
  • Re-matched Mr. Z 38 SR model as matching data was incorrectly captured.
  • Re-matched PVH 6160 model against an original “block letter” EVH 5150.
  • Added Low Frequency (LF) Mic Spacing parameter to Rotary block. Setting this to zero (default) simulates a single mic (mono) on the drum.
  • Add Drive parameter to Rotary block which controls the amount of drive into the new power amp simulation. Improved HF modeling in block.
  • Added “Classic” mode to Enhancer block which uses old Haas effect delay-based processing. The Type parameter selects between the new (Modern) and old (Classic) enhancer types.
  • Added “Eternal Love” type to Drive block. Based on a Lovepedal Eternity. Added “Esoteric ACB” type to Drive block. Based on Xotic AC Boost.
  • Added “Emphasis” control to Compressor block Pedal mode. Since the Pedal mode does not have a side-chain, this allows for a similar function by pre- emphasizing the high frequencies prior to compression and then de-emphasizing them after.
  • Improved tuner stability.
  • Added support for Axe-Edit to remotely set an individual parameter to default values.
  • Fixed various bugs in Looper.
  • Fixed FX Loop state not being sent to MFC.
  • Fixed exporting Tone Matches to cabinet IRs can sometimes lead to wrong IRs due to overflow.
  • Fixed feedback tap not being set correctly for Block 90 type in Phaser.
  • Fixed nasty bug where garbage data in Global Blocks could lead to preset corruption due to errant pointer.