Always do a full backup with Fractal-Bot before loading any new firmware so you can restore later

Firmware 18.06 for the Axe-Fx II has been released. Below are the release notes.

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18.06 Release Notes:

  • There are now only two Preamp Tube Type options in the Amp block: Short Plate and Long Plate. The Vintage type has been removed. Short Plate is similar to the previous Modern model but has the improved saturation characteristics that were developed for the Long Plate model.
  • Improved power tube grid conduction modeling. This yields better dynamics and edge-of-breakup tones, particularly when the virtual power amp is being overdriven.
  • Added Tap Tempo mode option to Global menu. “Average” averages up to the last ten taps. “Last Two” uses only the most recent two taps to determine the tempo.
  • Added Ducking capability to Quad Tape Delay mode in Multidelay block.
  • Added “LFO Bypass Reset” parameter to Flanger and Phaser blocks. When set to other than “Off” the LFO will be reset to the selected phase whenever the block is bypassed. This allows synchronizing the sweep to the engagement of the effect.
  • Added “Rich Hall” type to Reverb block.
  • “G3’d” the following amp models: TX Star Lead, TX Star Clean, Div/13 CJ.
  • Added “Div/13 CJ Boost” amp model which models the Volume knob pulled out (boost switch).
  • Removed Update Amps All Presets utility because the majority of users don’t seem to grasp the purpose of this function.
  • Fixed Presence network not being updated correctly when switching between certain amp models.
  • Fixed slight midrange dip in Vintage tone stack type.
  • Fixed excessive phase inverter bias in some amp models resulting in fuzzy sound.
  • Fixed certain Drive block models not sounding correct if Tuner Mute is set to other than Off.