Always do a full backup with Fractal-Bot before loading any new firmware so you can restore later

Firmware 18.01 for the Axe-Fx II has been released. Below are the release notes.

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18.01 Release Notes:

  • NOTE: It is possible that the new Word Clock parameter (see below) will be set to SPDIF/AES IN after installation of this firmware. This will result in a “NO INPUT CLOCK!” message appearing on the screen. If so, set the Word Clock value to “Auto” in the I/O->Audio menu.
  • NOTE: The USB Return Level parameter will be unitialized after installation of this firmware. Set the desired USB Return Level via the I/O->Audio menu.
  • This firmware incorporates all-new amp modeling algorithms. With this update the Axe-Fx II now incorporates our “Generation 3 (G3) Amp Modeling Technology”. G3 modeling improves upon our previous modeling with better touch sensitivity, better dynamics, better distortion texture (or “grain”) with less fizz, more crunch and improved frequency response accuracy.
  • Not all amp models have been fully converted to take advantage of G3 modeling as of this release. Those that have been fully ported are indicated by “(G3)” after the model name on the Pre page of the Amp block. Those that have not been fully ported yet will still benefit from the improved algorithms.
  • The Rotary block has been completely revised. It is recommended to reset the block in any existing presets by double-clicking the Bypass button to load the default values. Also, the Rotary block now supports X/Y which simplifies slow/fast switching.
  • Added modifier capability to Compressor block Level control.
  • Replaced some of the factory IRs with UltraRes™ IRs from our upcoming Universal Noise Storage 2 Cabinet Pack. These IRs are the first IRs that we have captured using the “Mic + DI” technique which results in IRs with improved accuracy and clarity.
  • Added USB Return Level parameter to I/O->Audio menu. This parameter sets the level of the USB input sent to the main outputs.
  • Fixed Cabinet block room simulation collapsing to mono if Mode is mono and Preamp Type is not None.
  • Added “Word Clock” parameter to I/O->Audio menu. This selects the clock source for the A/D and D/A converters as follows:
    • Auto: uses the internal clock if the input source is Analog or USB. Uses the recovered SPDIF/AES clock if the input is SPDIF/AES.
    • SPDIF/AES IN: uses the recovered clock for all input sources. A valid 48 kHz data stream must be present at the AES or SPDIF input. If a valid stream is not detected the unit will fall back to the internal clock and display “NO INPUT CLOCK!”. The SPDIF/AES select must be set to the appropriate value, i.e. if the data stream is input to the XLR jack then SPDIF/AES SELECT must be set to AES.