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Firmware 16.03 for the Axe-Fx II has been released. Below are the release notes.

Click here for the complete list of Release Notes for the Axe-Fx II.

16.03 Release Notes:

  • Improved Reverb block. There are now two “Quality” options in the Reverb block: Normal and High. Normal quality CPU usage is similar to previous firmwares whilst still providing improved sound quality. High quality uses significantly more CPU but provides world-class reverberation algorithms. There are several new parameters associated with the new algorithms:
    • Early Diffusion: This sets the amount of diffusion in the early reflections. Higher values result in fuzzier and less distinct echoes. Lower values result in sharp, distinct reflections.
    • Early Diff Time: This scales the delay time of the early reflections diffusers. Adjust this control to suit the size and character of the simulated environment.
    • Early Decay: This parameter controls the decay rate of the early reflections. Higher values yield faster decay.
  • The Tail Delay parameter has been removed as it is not compatible with the new algorithms. The reverb tail is now automatically set to the appropriate delay.
  • In High Quality reverb mode an additional parameter is available: Late Input Mix. This parameter controls the mix between the (possibly diffused) input and the early reflections data input to the late reverb algorithm. Thus this parameter mixes the output of the diffuser and the early reflections prior to inputting that data to the late reverb generator. With the Late Input Mix at 0% the High Quality mode is identical to the Normal Quality mode. Values greater than 0% mix early reflections data into the late reverb using a proprietary decorrelation technique which eliminates any metallic qualities associated with the typical diffuser techniques used in other products.
  • Improved Reverb types based on the new algorithms. Several new types have been added.
  • Increased maximum Reverb Time to 100 seconds and added a Hold function. When Hold is activated the wet input to the block is muted and the Time is set to infinity. This can be used to achieve pad sounds and drone notes/chords.
  • Added stereo UltraResTM capability to Cabinet block. To utilize this feature
    set the Mode parameter to “Stereo UltraRes”. When in this mode non-UltraRes IRs are processes in normal resolution whereas UltraRes IRs are processed using the UltraRes engine.
  • Four of the factory cabinet IRs have been replaced with newly acquired
    UltraResTM IRs. These are factory cabs 69-72 (Kalthallen V30 cabs). These IRs are available on the internet from Kalthallen’s website. For reference the four cab filenames are:

    • 028c-SM7-V30-4×12.wav”
    • 029c-SM7-V30-4×12.wav”
  • Improved “Pedal Comp 2” compressor algorithm.
  • Fixed several errors in the Mr Z MZ-38 model.