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Firmware 15.03 for the Axe-Fx II has been released. Below are the release notes.

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15.03 Release Notes:

  • Improved Amp block Dynamic Depth algorithm. The new algorithm uses the low- frequency speaker information from the speaker page to set the inverse- homomorphic filters resulting in a more musical control.
  • Improved Amp block cathode follower. New algorithm includes loading on previous triode plate and resulting effect on distortion characteristics.
  • Improved Reverb block. New early reflections algorithm results in more lifelike spatial immersion. Most Reverb types, however, have the Early Level set fairly low so this may not be readily apparent. Increasing Early Level will increase the relative amplitude of the early reflections.
  • Added Stereo Width control to Reverb block. This can be used to reduce the apparent stereo separation.
  • Added “Brit AFS100” amp models based on a Marshall AFD100SCE. Brit AFS100 1 is based on the #34/AFD switch in the #34 mode (LED off). Brit AFS100 2 is in the AFD mode (LED on).
  • Fixed various issues with Two Stone J35 amp models.
  • Fixed weird Depth knob behavior for amp models using the Dumble-style feedback network (even though these amps never have depth circuits).
  • Fixed Depth not working on FAS Brootalz model.
  • Fixed Update Amps Defaults function in Utility menu not properly updating inactive state.