Always do a full backup with Fractal-Bot before loading any new firmware so you can restore later

Firmware 11.01 for the Axe-Fx II has been released. Below are the release notes.

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11.01 Release Notes:

  • Fixed incorrect graphic EQ frequencies in Amp block when set to 8-band.
  • Fixed Looper block not reporting Bypass Mode to Axe-Edit.
  • Fixed Amp block Triode Hardness not loading proper value for model but defaulting to 5.00.
  • Fixed Noisegate Threshold not being loaded if a Global Block.
  • Fixed incorrect input gain in USA IIC+ models.
  • Fixed presets with a large number of blocks can cause unit to crash when Axe-Edit queries states (MIDI buffer overrun).
  • Removed resync delay when doing a scene change so that MFC will register states immediately.
  • Changed Auto-Engage behavior so that effects engage when a controller changes more than 5% in any 20 ms interval. Effects disengage when the controller is above or below the OFF VAL, as before. This is similar to previous behavior but resolves issues with slow MIDI controllers that did not send data fast enough to trip the movement detector.
  • Exposed “MV Cap” parameter in Amp block. This parameter sets the value of the bright cap across the Master Volume pot and is located in the Advanced menu.
  • Added “1987X Jump” amp model which is a “jumpered” version.