Always do a full backup with Fractal-Bot before loading any new firmware so you can restore later

Firmware 11.00 for the Axe-Fx II has been released. Below are the release notes.

Click here for the complete list of Release Notes for the Axe-Fx II.

11.00 Release Notes:

  • Finalized MIDI sysex commands for Axe-Edit 3.0 support.
  • Improved pre-amp algorithms.
  • Improved cathode follower algorithm. There are three parameters exposed for the cathode follower algorithm: Cathode Comp (which is also the COMP knob), Cathode Time and Cathode Ratio. Cathode Comp sets the amount of compression. Cathode Time sets the attack time of the compressor. Cathode Ratio sets the maximum amount of compression with lower values giving more compression.
  • Improved power amp algorithms. New algorithms yields smoother highs and more open sound.
  • Added EQ Type parameter to Amp block. This allows selecting between an 8-band, 7-band or 5-band EQ. The 7-band and 8-band types emulate popular graphic EQ pedals. The 5-band type emulates the response of the on-board EQ in the Mesa Boogie Mark series amplifiers. Note that 5- and 7-band types are non-constant-Q designs whereas the other types are constant-Q designs. When selecting amp models based on Mesa amps the type automatically changes to 5-band.
  • Added Proximity Frequency to Cabinet block. This allows tuning the frequency range over which the proximity effect occurs.
  • Added “Jumpered” models of the Plexi 50W, Plexi 100W, Hipower and Brit JM45 amp models. These models have both Treble and Normal drive controls and emulate “jumpering the inputs” on a 4-hole amp.
  • Changed mix law for Delay block. The dry signal now stays constant at unity until Mix reaches 50% then decreases linearly to zero. Conversely the wet signal starts at zero and then increases linearly to unity when Mix reaches 50%. This eliminates having to compensate for decreased dry signal when increasing the mix.
  • Noise Gate now supports Global Block functionality. This can be used, for example, as a global Noise Gate for all presets or for only high-gain presets, etc. As with all Global Blocks, double-click FX BYP to enter the Global Block menu.
  • Added Level parameter to Noise Gate. This allows sending a lower or higher level into the effects grid which can be used to compensate for guitars with varying output.
  • Improved preset switching speed, in some cases drastically improved.
  • Added some “Easter Egg” amp models.
    Note: support for presets created with firmware versions prior to 6.00 is no longer supported. If updating from 5.xx firmware or earlier please update to 10.12 first, update all presets and then install 11.00.