Always do a full backup with Fractal-Bot before loading any new firmware so you can restore later

Firmware 10.02 for the Axe-Fx II has been released. Below are the release notes.

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10.02 Release Notes:

  • Changed USA Pre Green and USA Pre Yellow amp models to have power amp sim active by default (Supply Sag nonzero).
  • Increased output level of Division 13 and Shiver Clean amp models based on customer feedback.
  • Added “Plexi 100W Nrml” model.
  • Removed pass-through of MIDI Clock messages as this causes excessive lag when using MFC-101 via the CAT-5 connection.
  • Fixed Amp block speaker impedance graph “shifting”.
  • Fixed sync message not sent to Axe-Edit when changing bypass state via front panel.
  • Fixed parameter text being overwritten when a Scene Select is received over MIDI.