The Axe-Fx by default operates with true stereo outputs. Most of the blocks and effects are true stereo without having to change any settings. But there are some instances where we want specific control over the Left and Right signals, such as delaying one side by a few milliseconds to create a wide sound when using 2 speakers for true stereo.*

In order to do this, we need to arrange a few things in the Layout.
The key to getting the specific separation of the Left and Right outputs are the 2 Volume blocks at the end of the Layout shown above. Again, the Axe is already stereo (assuming output mode is set to Stereo in the I/O Audio menu), but we want to delay one of the sides. This means that the input going to the delay must ONLY be that side’s data, and the other side that isn’t delayed needs ONLY that side’s data.

Without the Volume blocks set up as I’ll describe, both Left and Right signals will be going to both Left and Right Outputs and there will be bleed of effects and other things. We don’t want this.

So first add a Volume block (I chose #3 using Axe-Edit) in the row as shown. I put it in the 2nd to last column to be tidy, but it could technically go in the last column as well.

Only 2 things to change in this block: Change INPUT SELECT to Left Only – this is what gets us only the LEFT SIDE DATA from the previous blocks. Also change the BALANCE to -100 – this pans the signal fully left so no right side data is sent from this feed. Do not put anything after that block ever. This proceeds to the Output block and will only come out of the Output 1 Left jack. At this point, Output 1 Right should be silent and sending no signal.

Under that block, add another volume block (I chose #4 using Edit) and connect it diagonally as shown.
Only 1 thing to change in this block: Change INPUT SELECT to Right Only – this is what gets us only the RIGHT SIDE DATA from the previous blocks, discarding the left side data. However, DO NOT change the BALANCE to 100 as you might think. We will use the Delay block to pan things, and if we pan in this volume block, we aren’t sending the correct type/amount of signal to the Delay block.

Now to the right of that 2nd Volume block in the separate row, add a Delay block.
Set the Time to 15ms, Feedback to 0, mix to 100% and Balance to 100. This will delay the RIGHT SIDE INFO by 15ms and pan it only to the right. Experiment with different Time settings, even all the way up to 60ms or so; it really depends on your specific setup and how physically far away your 2 speakers are from each other.

You might think to adjust settings in the Output Block, but leave it at default settings; do not pan anything in there. We’ve already done all that panning in the blocks.As you can see, there is no Amp or Cab block, so add your favorites, or use this with a real/external amp and cab.

Again, make sure Output 1 is set to Stereo in the I/O Audio menu on the Front Panel.

*However, after all of that work, the Enhancer block basically automatically does what we just did. Our method above gives us specific control over that Time/Delay setting and opens up opportunities for making other changes to only the Left or Right signal. Bu try putting the Enhancer block at the end of a regular single-row setup (without the volume and delay block at the end) and see if that just does what you need without all that other stuff!