Tempted to install the latest Firmware or Public Beta, but not sure what to do if you don’t like it? In this video, I show you how to use Fractal-Bot to Backup your current settings, Install the latest Firmware, and Rollback to previous Firmware and settings you saved from the Backup.

The most important step always is to BACKUP using the Receive tab in Fractal-Bot. Without a backup, you can never return to an older version. Also be sure to quit Axe-Edit when using Fractal-Bot.

I also briefly mention how to “refresh block definitions” in Axe-Edit – an important step so it will work with the latest Firmware. But keep in mind that most of the new features given to us in Firmware are not available in Axe-Edit until a new version of Axe-Edit is installed. Refreshing Block Definitions simply allows the older version of Axe-Edit to work with a newer (or older) Firmware version.