The Out 1 and Out 2 Clip LEDs indicate internal digital clipping. Basically, your preset is too loud and it is clipping/distorting “internally” – before it even gets to the Outputs and your next device (mixer, powered speaker, etc.).

To fix this, it’s best to reduce the Output Level parameter in your Amp block. If you have no Amp block in your preset, you can reduce the Level parameter in any block or reduce the Main slider in the Output block. You can also reduce the volume of all presets at once by reducing the Gain slider in the Front Panel Global EQ menus, but this is only a quick fix – you should return to the presets that are clipping and reduce their volume individually.

Gain-Staging is a very important concept in anything related to audio. You always want to make sure that you set the best signal to noise ratio as well as not having levels too hot that cause clipping or distortion.

Analog gear was a bit more forgiving, and sometimes an overdriven signal actually sounded good. In today’s digital world, overdriven signals are absolutely terrible and clipping in a digital domain never sounds good.

In this video, I describe clipping and show what it looks and sounds like. I go through a few ways to solve clipping and describe how you may have gotten there in the first place.

This is an excerpt from a live stream, teaching someone how to use the VU meters on the Axe-Fx II to balance preset volumes. This is presented in real-time, no editing out mistakes, etc.